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Drink 100% Pure

with Filmtech Water Purifiers Make your water 100% pure & tasty

Industrial RO Systems

for small & large business purpose: Bottle Packaging, Pouch Packaging, Cup Sealing & more...

Best Quality Spares

Booster Pump, RO Cabinet, Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, LPS, RO Membrane

Tie-up with Top Brands

Filmtec Membranes, Hydranutics Membranes, CRI Pumps, E-dosing & more...

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Industrial RO Spares

Filmtec Membranes (8040,4040), Hydranutics Membranes(4040, 8040), CRI (High pressure Pumps), Grandfros(High pressure Pumps), Edosing & more.